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Grandma Neustrom’s Swedish Rye Bread

Riffling through the dog-eared recipes from my past, I ran across one of my family favorites: my grandmother’s Swedish rye bread recipe. For me, the very words conjured up memories of early childhood redolent with the aromas of baking bread filled with the goodness of dark molasses and the tantalizing smells from my tiny cup
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Call it ‘Cuisine Pauvre’

As my fingers poise over the key board, my heart leaps forward with anticipation. I’m about to begin writing. I love it! I love it, like I love when I’m poised in the kitchen ready to prepare a new recipe. Another creative attempt at either delighting my family or sending them into a nighttime of
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Excerpt from A Cup of Redemption – Chapter Two – Floating Island

“I’m curious, Madame,” Kate said as she picked up her fork. “What foods did you prepare as a young wife in France? Did you prepare the Floating Island back then?” “What foods did I prepare? In France?” Marcelle echoed the question. She threw her head back and laughed, her deeply resonant voice filling the room.
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Savoring the Olde Ways gives way to A Cup of Redemption – blog hop

I was invited by Darlene Frank, a fellow member of the California Writers Club, to join her ‘blog hop’.  It seemed like a fun thing to do, so I agreed.  She also invited my daughter, Adaire Salome-Keating, to join her as well.  So, this ‘blog hop’ is our first mother-daughter event. Darlene requested that we
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Three Seeds of Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it. You may not understand its value at the time, but if you are lucky you plant the seed and curiously await the results. That happened to me a few years back, and planting those seeds has made all the difference. Before I decided to write my debut
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L’Exode Out of Paris – June, 1940

4:30 a.m.  When Marcelle awakened that day, it had been another beautiful June morning. The cool air that swept into the small open window held the scent of jasmine and the promise of early summer. She crawled out of bed and inhaled the sweet fragrance.  She peeked out through the blackout shades to see if
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Excerpt from A Cup of Redemption

Rarely do we, as individuals, prepare for war; and rarely do we prepare for war on our own doorstep.  The following is an excerpt from the upcoming novel, A Cup of Redemption.   Our heroine, Marcelle, is a young lady of twenty-one, unmarried mother of one and working the only job available to her in Paris: the Citroen
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Savoring the Olde Ways

      If ever you have searched for a sure-fire ‘recipe’ to open a topic of conversation, try asking someone about their favorite childhood foods.  But I must warn you.  Prepare yourself:  Grab a cup of coffee, settle into a comfortable chair, or snug up to the kitchen table because you are headed for a most passionate journey.  Immediately,
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A Cup of Redemption

PROLOGUE FIND ME, FIND POURRETTE October 2001 The autumnal breeze swept over the French village cemetery of Evaux-les-Bains and cut through the tombstones where the three adults remained before their mother’s grave. No one spoke. No one cried. Sophie swallowed hard. Grief, she thought, is a private matter.She knew how to contain her emotions, as
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As a going-away gift after my stay in her Beine-Nauroy home (about one hundred miles east of Paris), Martine Zabée handed me a ream of paper on which she had copied some pages from a favorite cookbook she enjoyed from the Ardennes region. “This is a region just north of where we live,” she said.
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