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From Now-ruz, the Persian Spring Fest, to An Ancient Italian Passion Play

Updated March 20, 2014 In a recent conversation I had with my dear friend, Josiane, she mentioned hosting a beautiful young opera singer in her home from the country of Iran.  This young woman told her that today–this day–March 20, 2014–is not only the first day of Spring, but also celebrated in Persia as Spring fest-Iranian style for their
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Feste di Poderi di Montemerano, Tuscany, Italy

During our six-hour train ride from Milan, down through Genoa, and along the shimmering coastal waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, my head bobbed on and off my husband’s shoulder. My thoughts kept the beat of the moving train—click-clack, click-clack—as I remembered with fondness how this trip to Italy had come about. It began when I
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A Drama Unfolds in Salerno

We thought of ourselves as worldly. And I suppose for Swedish Methodists plunked down on the Nebraska plains we were, because early on we had been introduced to the world of international cuisine on our very doorstep. It was through Old Gilberto. He would drive through our neighborhoods with a clunk, a clank, a rattle
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