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Recipes for Redemption is a pastiche of excerpts from Bumpus’s novel, her own experiences traveling through France, and recipes and advice adapted from some of her favorite French cookbooks…an interesting survey of traditional regional French cooking. Kirkus Reviews
They say, ‘give the people what they want’ and Bumpus has done so in Recipes for Redemption, supplying the recipes to the mouthwatering dishes that take center stage in her novel’s cross-France family drama. San Francisco Book Review
The stories remind me of my grandmother, who still lives in France, so I was especially impressed with the details in this book—especially with the subject of simplicity and tradition. Carole uncovers the secrets of real cooking joy—through both the French cooking styles and the cooks who prepared them. As Sophie quips, ‘You’re here for some heavenly treats!’Jelena Grujovic, Executive Chef, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne
I could smell the pot au feu, savor the garlic butter of les escargots and anticipate the sweetness of the chantilly-filled crêpes. This charming book whisked me back to my beloved France. The recipes are clear and straightforward and because they’re provided in the characters’ dialog, I appreciated their rich, cultural connection. I’ve already invited friends over for a ‘Redemption’ dîner.Marianne C. Bohr, author of The Gap Year Girl: A Baby Boomer Adventure Across 21 Countries
Food is what sustains us—and Recipes for Redemption reminds us why each bite, in life, love and living, matters. Understanding ourselves is as precious as finding the recipe we took for granted, and could not find until we reconnected with the people who are an integral part of our souls.Sandra Savage, Executive Chef and Writer
Luscious recipes for French peasant fare along with glorious evocations of French kitchens, dishes, landscapes, and lives. Sensuous and tantalizing…It will make you hunger, not just for making these dishes on your own, but for reading her novel as well.Judith Newton, UC Davis Professor Emerita and author of Tasting Home: Coming of Age in the Kitchen

Recipes for Redemption: A Companion Cookbook to A Cup of Redemption provides the promised French recipes, culled from the pages, the times, and the regional influences found in the historical novel A Cup of Redemption.

Told through the voices of the three main characters―Marcelle, Sophie and Kate―the recipes are carefully taught in the way these women learned them: at the knees of their mothers or grandmothers. Whether cuisine pauvre (peasant cooking), “war food” from WWII, American fare, or simply a family favorite, each recipe is carefully described and footnoted with interesting, often amusing culinary notes. Flavored with witty repartee and slathered with common sense, this cookbook is filled with heart, soul, humor, and delectable delight.

I will be having special events during September and October to celebrate the launch of this companion cookbook. Be sure to check my events page for details, and sign up for my newsletter to receive occasional news of events in the area!

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Another way that She Writes Press, my publisher, has chosen to recognize my books–both A Cup of Redemption and Recipes for Redemption:  A Companion Cookbook to A Cup of Redemption – December 2016


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Continuing events for both A Cup of Redemption and Recipes for Redemption – October 2016

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Literary Lunch – Draeger’s Market and Cooking School

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My newly published cookbook, Recipes for Redemption, serves up the wit and whimsy from the original text of the novel, A Cup of Redemption.  As an example or as a little ‘amuse bouche’, please find the following: CRÊPES de FROMENT BRITTANY – 2002 – ST. MALO –   ‘A crown of stone above the waves,’ wrote Gustave
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